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  • CDI Module

    I am rebuilding a pre-1997 B100L, S# 1300127, and need to know the compatibility of a replacement CDI module. The original part number is 30580-881-734. This is no longer available, but I have seen a new module listed that looks to have the same wiring. The newer number is 30580-881-A01. Are these two modules compatible or interchangeable? This is the last piece of the larger puzzle, and may determine if my efforts have been in vain or not. I am getting no spark at this time. The engine ran very poorly before, but at least started easily. Now it will not start at all. Thank you for your response.

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    No it doesn't look like they are interchangeable. I have never tried it to see if newer one would connect to exciter coil and would fire ignition coil.
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