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BF150 - floods once in awhile - need advice

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  • BF150 - floods once in awhile - need advice

    I just purchased a 2011 Tritoon with the Honda 150 VTec and it has flooded about once a day for the 8 times I have been out. The previous owner claims it never did this. It starts perfect and runs well and then it may flood but will restart within a minute or so. Generally only does it once on a full day of starting and stopping. It either has flooded immediately after a restart or within a minute or so, does not flood so far if has been running for some time. I have yet to check anything and am wondering what might be the areas to look at. I plan to look at the plugs after the season and do a compression check. The boat has about 560 hrs on it. I would not think a head gasket. Maybe a leaky fuel injector? I know just enough to be confused so any help is greatly appreciated. Greg

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    I assumed that the engine was flooding as we could spell fuel a few times. However I am questioning if maybe the fuel is being starved as twice now the following occurred and now making me think maybe something is cutting the fuel off, like a pinched line? Two times I vividly recall that the boat had been sitting for an hour or so and then when I start the engine it starts just fine but within 30 secs it stalled. I could not get the engine to restart for several mins until I changed the trim position. Yesterday the boat stalled, trim was full down, and when I could not get it to start I remembered the one time it did after I moved the soon as I moved the trim yesterday the engine started right up.


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      Look to see if fuel primer bulb is sucked flat( a fuel restriction) or try pumping fuel primer to see it's starving for fuel. Have battery and battery cables load tested if voltage at engine falls below 10 volts when cranking engine will not start.
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        If its flooding check the needle valve in the vapor separator tank. Not good at all to have fuel leaking from anywhere. Could kill someone!