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Starting issue with Honda 50

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  • Starting issue with Honda 50

    I have a 2012 Honda 50 4-stroke with about 85 hrs. I was recently having issues with the motor cutting out and running jerky at high rpms. I had the new plugs put in and the fuel system was completely flushed and new filters installed. I went out fishing a few days later and everything seemed to running jerkyness...smooth running at all speeds. I stopped to fish at a spot and turned the motor off. I restarted the motor to move a little ways a couple of times. The third time i tried to restart the motor to move again it would not start. The starter turns over fine but the motor would not fire up. I tried several times until the battery started to go down, checked to make sure the motor was getting fuel, etc. Nothing worked. I waited 10-15 min. and tried again with no luck. Fianlly called SeaTow to get towed in. When I got home with the boat I tried to start again and it started right up. What is going on? My only thought is could it be that it would not start until it was COMPLETELY cold? Or maybe something is wrong with a computer sensor? Any suggestions? I do not feel safe taking this boat out if I can't trust the motor to start.

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    If it fails to start again check to see if has spark at all spark plugs, if not then could be a faulty key switch, stop switch, stator or CDI unit. Did you try pumping fuel primer bulb or try choking it, did you check fuel filter for water in fuel?
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