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2005 Honda 225 fuel in oil

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  • 2005 Honda 225 fuel in oil

    I went with my dad on his boat fishing this year coming back into the harbour the oil temp light came on. I shut it down pulled of the cowl checked the oil it was over full and reddish in colour. Waited for twenty minutes started it up light went off idled back to the dock. We changed the oil and filter the oil was just under the full line when the job was complete. We went crab fishing the next day for six or seven hours and came home the next day.

    Dad was doing post trip maintenance and checked the oil dipstick it was over full and reddish again. We were filling up the boat with dyed fuel every day. The only thing we can think of is the fuel must be getting into the oil some how does anyone have some thoughts or opinions on this.

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    Could be a problem with fuel system, ruptured diaphragm in mechanical fuel pump, float valve in VST not closing. Could be piston rings not sealing, run a cylinder leak down test to check condition of combustion chamber. Could be engine running too cold, check for stuck open thermostats or could be too large a pitch prop it needs to be turning 5000-6000 rpm's at wide open throttle, best to prop as close to 6000 as can get it.
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