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Won't run unless choke is on

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  • Won't run unless choke is on

    1991 Honda was used as a kicker i bought everything under the hood looked like it was when new changed plugs cleaned carb 3 times now still won't run full speed unless choke is on isles without choke on until gets warm then dies won't start unless choke is on then can turn off an idle with throttle turned up a little more it got a new tank an hour run to fitting in motor would this be a carb or fuel pump probelm

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    Just went out took spark plug wires off while running that elmiatated that reset mixture screw i think that's it got it idling great problem in seeing is the rod going from carb to throttle handle aunt opening carb all the way adjusted still ain't opening all the way to fill throttle anus idling at higher rpm now any help be appreciated


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      If can only run with choke on then problem is within carb, still have plugged jets or passages. Remove jets and hold up to a light should be able to the light through opening in jet.
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        Just cleaned carb again it idles just fine now but still won't run full throttle without choke on its either in the rod cause it don't move it about 1\4 way open or thinking it might b fuel pump as if hold throttle 3\4 way open sucks the gas out of filter then got to pump ball to keep gas in filter