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How do I reset the ECM?...

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  • How do I reset the ECM?...

    to see if you can help me. I want to reset the ECM module.
    I follow these indications

    1) Turn the ignition switch OFF.
    2) Short-circuit the 2P service check connector (red) located inside the EeM case using the special tool (Ses short connector)
    (P. 5-5).
    3) Turn the ignition switch ON.
    4) With the lanyard clip engaged in the emergency stop switch, press the emergency stop switch far 0.5 seconds or more,
    then release the switch for 0.1 seconds or more. Repeat this procedure 5 times.
    Proceed immediately to steps 5 and 6. Steps 4 through 6 must be performed within 20 seconds.
    5) Be sure that the buzzer sounds twice.
    • The MIL should stay ON.
    6) Turn the ignition switch OFF.

    The light does not light at the end and it does not touch (buzzer) me at the end.

    Where did it fail?.

    Thank Tou !!.

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    What is the model and serial number of your motor? Why are you doing a reset, did the buzzer activate?
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      Because I get several errors and I want to delete them.
      Model: BF115AX (year 1999).
      Serial number: BEBD - 1002586.
      It is a European model.


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        For a Remote control model that is the correct procedure. Try slowing down time pressing stop switch for a whole second and release for a second. If still doesn't sound buzzer twice then may have an electrical problem with stop switch, main harness or problem with ECM. Best to have it checked with computer diagnostic to see what fault codes are stored and if has any active faults.
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          Thank you very much !!!!!