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intermittent electrical on BF 225

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  • intermittent electrical on BF 225

    Have twin 2004 BF 225's. The port engine is occasionally cutting out and no power indicated by the indicator lights on the switch.

    At idle, it will cut off (and the lights go out) frequently, returning a second or two later.

    If I run the boat on just the starboard engine, but with the key engaged on the port engine, the lights will come and go randomly.

    If I run the port engine above 3000 RPM, no problem. Under 2000 RPM it begins cutting off frequently. Problem increases as RPMs drop.

    After the Port Engine cuts off (and with no indicator lights) I get no power to any lugs on the ignition switch and nothing works on the motor (including trim motor) but I get power to the main terminal in the engine.

    Putting the batteries in emergency parallel doesn't have an impact.

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    There was some problems with main relay causing no voltage to ignition, fuel components or to starting circuit, part number 06380-ZY3-000
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      turns out it was a broken electrical wire in the main wire harness near the engine