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2002 BF130A Runs rough under load

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  • 2002 BF130A Runs rough under load

    I have a Honda 2002 BF130A that idles fine and when put under load, it runs very rough. Cannot get it past 2000 rpms. When I try to throttle up the engine sputters and eventually stalls out. If we keep it under 2000 rpm it will run, but very roughly.

    The fuel is a bit old, older than 12 months and none of the filters have been changed in over a year. Before I go out and buy a bunch of replacement parts, I wanted to make sure that I am getting the right parts. I am thinking about changing the low and high pressure fuel filters, replacing the fuel/water separator filter, checking for air in the fuel system and finally checking pressure in the fuel system.

    Any advice here would be helpful. Should I flush the fuel tank as well? Or just add something like "SeaFoam" to revive the fuel?

    Thank you.

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    Run a compression test, need to see if losing fuel pressure above 2000 rpm's and run a fuel vacumn test to see if have fuel restriction.
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      To run a pressure check, where do I put the t-connector/gauge? Do I test at various points along the fuel lines? And, where should I put the gauge to check the vacuum?

      Thank you for your advice.
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